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New Health Equity Consultancy Launches to Drive Sustainable Change in Healthcare

SAN DIEGO [May 8, 2024] — Elevated Diversity, which helps leading organizations embed the key tenets of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into their cultures in actionable, sustainable, and financially impactful ways, is launching a new division, Elevated Health Equity, dedicated to advancing equity within the healthcare industry. This strategic expansion is designed to support healthcare organizations in creating sustainable and impactful change that benefits employees, patients, and communities while also boosting organizational performance.

Elevated Health Equity emerges from the successful growth of Elevated Diversity, which was founded in 2017 by seasoned executive Rhonda Moret. Over the years, Elevated Diversity has worked with a reputable slate of clients, including Homeland Security, Boston Beer, the FDIC, and Berkeley Symphony. The consultancy has been recognized for its work and featured in several media outlets, including Scripps News, the San Diego Business Journal, and Business Insider, for delivering exceptional diversity and inclusion consulting services and learning and development programming.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Elevated Health Equity. This new consultancy is born from our commitment to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, has access to equitable healthcare services,” said Moret, the CEO of Elevated Diversity. “Our goal is to empower our clients in the healthcare sector to not only recognize the importance of health equity but to actively drive its advancement. We believe that by integrating equitable practices into the core of healthcare services, we can help build a healthier, more just society for all.”

Moret also announced that Pamela Abner, MPA, CPXP, will serve as the health equity strategist and subject matter expert. Abner, a veteran in the healthcare space, brings over 15 years of experience working with industry leaders to establish best practices and strategic and innovative programs across business lines. Her extensive industry expertise, coupled with her role on industry boards and recognition as a thought leader, positions Abner as a key asset in navigating the complexities of health equity for the firm’s clients. Abner is a senior executive at Mount Sinai Health System in NY, serving as the Health Equity Officer and an adjunct professor at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

“As we launch this new chapter at the forefront of health equity, I am deeply honored to serve as a co-founder of a firm dedicated to transforming healthcare,” said Abner. “Our mission is clear: to dismantle barriers and foster an environment where every individual can access the highest standard of healthcare, regardless of their background. This is more than a professional commitment—it is a personal one, and I am excited to lead this change alongside a team that shares this vision.”

Elevated Diversity and Elevated Health Equity’s locations are bicoastal, with one office in the San Diego metro area and another in New York.

About Elevated Health Equity

A consultancy division of Elevated Diversity, Elevated Health Equity is dedicated to providing health equity consulting services to leading healthcare organizations. Established in 2024 to extend Elevated Diversity’s mission of embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into the company culture and creating workplaces free of racial bias, Elevated Health Equity offers a range of services designed to foster long-term, sustainable change, significantly impacting the well-being of employees, patients, and the broader community.

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