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Your law firm is challenged to keep billable hours high and clients satisfied, and that requires top talent. Your team needs to feel passionate and equipped to do their best work, and your clients need to believe the firm they choose to represent them is just as committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as they are.

The legal industry has historically lagged in providing an equitable, inclusive environment for professionals of all backgrounds. But even in a field known as slow to change, today’s shifting demographics are creating more pressure than ever for law firms to build a culture that embraces the key tenets of DEI. And as McKinsey analysis has found, companies in the top quartile for gender-diverse executive teams are 25 percent more likely to achieve above-average profitability than companies in the lowest quartile.

To attract, retain, and inspire the talent you need to compete for top clients and operate profitably, you need to draw more diverse candidates, inspire them to do their best work, and encourage them to grow and advance right along with you.

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Elevated Diversity Understands the Legal Industry’s DEI Challenges.

We recognize the difficulties you face in creating a more diverse and inclusive culture—from legacy organizational structures that unintentionally limit advancement opportunities, to historical resistance to change, and barriers that prevent equitable assignment of high-visibility, rewarding work. The consequences are evident, as American Bar Association statistics reveal that attorneys who are white, male, and non-LGBTQ+ are predominantly represented in law firm hires, promotions, leadership roles, and high compensation, and that attrition rates are higher for non-white attorneys.

Our team of DEI strategists understands those realities and helps you overcome them by embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of your law firm.

The Elevated Diversity team applies best practices, deep subject matter expertise, and experience in the legal field to:

Equip everyone in the firm—from administrative staff to associates to partners—with the support and psychological safety to produce their best work for the benefit of your clients

Partner with you to build and sustain a culture that provides every employee with the support and the psychological safety to do their best work  

Enable you to achieve the tangible benefits of a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture—from bringing more diverse perspectives to bear in solving your clients’ legal challenges, to improving your ability to attract more clients and better talent, boosting your profitability, and enhancing your reputation.


percentage of equity partners at law firms who are black, Asian, or Hispanic/Latino

(American Bar Association)


percentage of law firm equity partners who are women of color

(Law360 Glass Ceiling Report)


percentage of law firms that have supplier diversity programs

(American Bar Association)

Our Proven Approach Drives Better Results.

Elevated Diversity’s proprietary SPHERE of Connectivity framework is the key to creating and sustaining a culture that’s more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, driving measurable benefits for your organization.

Our DEI strategists will leverage this proven framework, together with their legal industry experience, to help your law firm:

Icon1Realize all the tangible benefits of a diverse, inclusive workforce—for your employees, your clients, and your firm’s bottom line

2 iconBuild a more productive, engaged workforce by adopting and applying processes designed to attract and retain more diverse talent at every level

3 iconTransform your organization into a workplace in which every employee is valued and inspired, enabling you to outperform your competition

DEI Solutions, Tailor-made for Law Firms.

Every law firm is at a different place on the path to embracing and supporting DEI. Most find that the most effective way to realize all the tangible value of a more diverse, inclusive culture is to embed those key tenets into the DNA of their culture by leveraging the full scope of our solutions. Most of our law firm engagements involve initiatives like these.

Assessing your culture and your firm’s preparedness for change, then benchmarking against your peers within and outside the legal field

Clarifying your firm’s mission, vision, and values, ensuring an environment where the tenets of DEI can thrive

Creating a strategic plan for your DEI endeavors, to provide a clearly defined path forward

Developing a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline through improved recruiting approaches and processes

Eliminating unintentional bias and exclusion in your hiring approach through a thorough, strategic review of your HR practices, policies, and procedures

Setting a foundation for selecting candidates more equitably, through tools like more effective interview questions and candidate scoring models

Reducing the odds that hiring managers will unintentionally choose candidates who look like them or have a similar background

Breaking down barriers that can keep associates of varied backgrounds from advancing to partner roles, strengthening your firm’s leadership team

Building shared knowledge, understanding, and language through a wide range of educational and training opportunities on DEI subjects

Positioning your law firm to sustain an equitable, inclusive culture long term, through improved communication strategies, connection, and collaboration

Creating a more engaged workforce through proven approaches like formal mentoring and sponsorship programs, DEI councils, and employee resource groups (ERGs)

Elevated Diversity Knows the Legal Field.

Our team of DEI strategists includes attorneys and other professionals who have worked in law firms, so we understand the environment you operate in and the inherent challenges of establishing a more diverse, inclusive culture in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Our experienced team boasts:

  • A Certified Trainer for Radical Inclusion™ (The Winters Group)
  • A Columbia University adjunct professor
  • Specialists who’ve completed the Prosci Change Management Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program (World Diversity Leadership Institute)
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