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The US is facing a health equity crisis. And the healthcare industry is witnessing the reckoning of decades-long disparities exposed with study after study revealing just how deep those inequities run.

Today, healthcare organizations are being called upon and required to confront these disparities head-on. And they are being tasked with finding transformative strategies, initiatives, and solutions to achieve true health equity – when as a collective, the industry can claim that all individuals have the opportunity to attain their full health potential.

Without comprehensive, vision-forward, and innovative solutions, many organizations in the sector will continue to struggle with inequities, will fail to meet new regulatory requirements, and will also fall short of their moral obligation to provide quality care to all healthcare consumers.

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When Your Organization is Ready to Lead the Charge - We’ll be Ready Too

The need to advance health equity will continue to increase in prominence and priority. Organizations that become first adopters will benefit from cost savings and greater efficiencies while their members, employees, customers, and the communities they serve will benefit from the power of equitable care. Whether your organization is in the initial stages of discussing health equity strategies or have already launched a multi-year strategy, our proven effective capabilities and expertise can ensure you are well-positioned to succeed.

Healthcare Organizations We’ve Worked With include:

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Estimated total annual cost of
racial and ethnic health disparities
in the US is $93 billion in excess
medical care costs.

(Altarum study)



Estimated total annual cost of
racial and ethnic health disparities
in the US is $42 billion in
untapped productivity.

(Altarum study)



The death rate in 2007 was more than 2.5 times greater for individuals without a high school diploma compared to those with at least some college.


We’ve Developed Advanced Health Equity Solutions that Generate Results

We’ll provide your organization with leadership support and guidance, specialized education, strategic planning and data assessment throughout your health equity journey.


Culturally Appropriate Patient Care

We will work with you to create a transformative strategic plan that serves as a roadmap for your organization to provide culturally appropriate care for all patients, equipping you to meet their unique differences and improve health outcomes.


Equitable and Inclusive Organizational Policies

We help you advance policies and practices to establish equity as a core organizational value. We will help you embed a lens of equity to all business lines to identify and address disparities.


Collection and Use of Data to Drive Action

We will guide you to establish governance and standardization on the use of quantitative and qualitative data to identify potential variances in outcomes and processes.   We will provide you best practices to collect self-reported patient demographic data to set the foundation to eliminate barriers to care.


Diverse Representation in Leadership, Governance

We will work with you to identify opportunities that improve senior leadership and board diversity including retention strategies and succession plans to reflect the populations and communities served.


Community Collaboration for Solutions
We will help you craft strategies for community partnership and endorsement to foster a collective commitment to health equity.  We will aim to amplify your communities’ input and perspectives to shape and influence results.


Systematic and Shared Accountability

We help you establish the infrastructure to infuse accountability towards sustaining equitable practices across departments and service lines. We will help you promote equity influencers and employee led groups that reflect the diversity within the organization.

Elevated Health Equity Knows Healthcare.

Our DEI and health equity strategists bring decades of experience in healthcare leadership roles, across the full spectrum of settings from major health systems and healthcare nonprofits to hospice and homecare agencies and private practices. Our team credentials include:

  • Certified Trainer for Radical Inclusion™ (The Winters Group)
  • Certified Patient Experience Professional (The Patient Experience Institute)
  • Certified Change Management Expert (Prosci)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program (World Diversity Leadership Institute)
  • Columbia University adjunct professor
  • Certified Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer for Healthcare Professions (Harvard Medical School)
  • Health Equity Certificate (Johns Hopkins)
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