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Inclusive Marketing and Communications Program

Strategic Development Programs

Inclusive marketing cultivates strong connections between the consumer & the brand while also avoiding costly missteps. End-to-end consulting services range from research and strategy, to program launch and implementation. 

Services include:

In-depth strategic planning to properly position, then amplify DEI initiatives at all levels within the organization

Review the competitive landscape and identify opportunities to share the organizational commitment and DEI advocacy

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Client Success Story

We’ve all heard horror stories about marketing campaigns or communication messaging that misstep and end up offending certain segments of the population, and you think, ‘how could they have missed that?’. With Elevated Diversity’s expertise in DEI and multicultural communications, we have a 360 view to avoid blind spots -- and those horrid missteps.
- CEO, Technology Company

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Quick Start
Do you want to create an exceptionally well-tuned work environment designed to help all your employees build solid careers? If so, it’s time to sign up for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Quick Start programs. Through our DEI training programs, your workforce will get to learn all about inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, and anti-racism topics. The experience will leave a lasting impression and give them the tools needed to build an inclusive and collaborative workplace.
Learn more about our Quick Start program
DEI Speakers
We offer a vast array of professional speakers and thought leaders recognized on a national and international basis for their unique insight, perspective, and vision on various topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Discover our DEI Speakers
Diversity Council and ERGs

From Equity Councils and Inclusion Councils to Emerging Women Leaders, First Generation College Graduates, and Advocates for Sustainability ERGs, when done well, these groups have been proven to significantly improve employee engagement, enhance diversity recruiting efforts, provide a forum for leadership development, support the organization’s overarching business objectives.

Learn more about Diversity Council and ERGs
Women’s Leadership Development
As women, the unique nuances, experiences, and perspective we bring to the workplace deserve to be valued and developed. Organizations that realize our contributions, have been proven to be more effective, innovative, and profitable.
Learn more about Women’s Leadership Development
Supplier Diversity Program
Supplier diversity programs can play a key role in an organization's DEI commitment. The inclusive procurement approach can also provide economic opportunity to those in underserved and marginalized segments of the population
Learn more about Supplier Diversity Program
DEI Sponsorship & Mentorship Program
Sponsorship and mentorship programs play a critical role in helping organizations identify and support emerging leaders. Program strategies include the incorporation of the most effective strategies for structuring, launching, and scaling programs designed to cultivate tomorrow’s C-suite leaders.
Learn more about DEI Sponsorship & Mentorship Program
Inclusive Recruiting Strategy
Finding diverse talent is one of the top challenges for organizations today. Our team of subject matter experts have hands-on human resource experience and understand all facets of the inclusive recruiting process.
Learn more about Inclusive Recruiting Strategy
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