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Are you an HR professional or business leader that wants to create a work environment designed to boost employee engagement? If so, it’s time to sign up for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Quick Start programs. Through our DEI training programs, your workforce will get to learn all about inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, and anti-racism topics. The experience will leave a lasting impression and give them the tools needed to build an inclusive and collaborative workplace.

Why Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training?

When it comes to productivity, employee retention, and even revenues, your workplace culture is everything. You must create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture to keep your company operating at its best year after year.

In fact, you have to outright infuse a collaborative mindset into the very fabric of your company, creating lasting connections with all your employees. Otherwise, your competitors will end up scooping them up and outperforming your brand.

Fortunately, you can effectively create a solid foundation for your collaborative company culture with help from our team at Elevated Diversity. Our DEI training programs promise to get your workforce on the right track by addressing unconscious bias, racism, and other tough topics.

Although it’s not easy to start that conversation, your collective efforts will pay in dividends over time. As you work together to improve diversity and equity, a more inclusive work environment arises, helping support your goals of attaining high productivity rates and the revenues to match.

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How Our DEI Training Programs Go Above and Beyond

We offer our DEI training programs as 90-minute and half-day sessions. If you’re addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion for the first time in your workplace, then the intensive half-day sessions work best.

The full-day program can also help if you’re experiencing any related issues that need additional training to address. Otherwise, you can definitely get by with a 90-minute session for your team.

No matter which session type you select, your team will get to see just how our training programs go above and beyond in the support of their careers.

Flexible Learning Options

Our online learning platform is a highly cost-effective option for organizations and HR professionals looking to offer high-impact training to their entire team. As a learning ecosystem, this innovative approach to training combines online training courses, microlessons, learning materials such as e-booklets and reference guides, and, if desired, live facilitator-led workshops.

Evidence-Backed Approaches to DEI Training Programs

We only use evidence-backed approaches, strategies, and techniques to build our training curriculum. So, you can trust that our learning materials will help your team fully understand the concepts and embrace all the tools given to them. Our DEI training programs have a track record of excellent results, so you know your team is always in good hands.

A Focus on Practical Skills

As our DEI training programs address unconscious bias, anti-racism, and inclusive leadership topics, we aim to give all attendees practical skills they can use in the workplace. We link the concepts back to real-world scenarios while providing the tools needed to create an inclusive, collaborative workplace. With that approach on their side, all your team members will walk away with the skills needed to help create a better work environment for all.

True Subject Matter Experts

We don’t just bring in just anyone to lead our DEI training programs. Our programs always have knowledgeable subject matter experts with years of experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion training at the helm.

Through the years, our experts have all achieved great success in helping improve collaboration within small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. So, you can count on them to engage with your employees on a one-to-one level while introducing the skills and tools needed to improve your workplace.

As you can see, we go all out in offering DEI programs designed to improve the work environment in a meaningful way. Through our efforts, we help create a collaborative mindset that helps boost employee engagement, job satisfaction, and revenues across the board.

Ready to Experience the Difference in DEI Training Programs?

If you’re ready to experience the Elevated Diversity difference, give us a call at 800-392-2107 or fill out our online form. We will help you select the right training program for your company’s needs and schedule the best time and date for your session. Our team looks forward to helping you create a more inclusive environment for all your team members. So, please feel free to reach out at any time to get started.

QUICK START DEI Training Programs

Unconscious bias training

Self Awareness and Unconscious Bias Training

Gain insights on how unconscious bias can negatively impact workplaces and team performance; learn strategies to overcome biased actions and behaviors. Session covers:

  • Learn how to be aware and understand the unconscious and hidden biases we all bring to the workplace
  • Understand how bias can negatively impact individual and work team engagement, performance, and collaboration
  • Learn research-based strategies proven to reduce unconscious bias
  • Explore and comprehend the benefits associated with truly inclusive thinking and behavior

Inclusive leadership training

Embracing Today's Inclusive Leadership

Explore today's most critical insights on inclusive leadership and learn strategies for creating collaborative teams which achieve optimal business outcomes. Session covers:

  • Understand the role of the "inclusive leader" and his/her role as a true DE&I advocate in creating an inclusive workplace
  • Learn the 5 critical leadership keys needed to create a framework for sustainable inclusive leadership practices
  • Investigate the costs and benefits associated with inclusive work teams
  • Support and sustain your organization's evolved diversity, equity, and inclusion values and vision

Anti-Racism Training

Creating the Anti-Racism Workplace

Learn to create an "anti-racism" workplace where employees feel respected & engaged; for improved communications, collaboration and performance. Session covers:

  • Learn how historical events, ideologies, and social structures impact today's beliefs, biases, and perceptions
  • Analyze concepts of racial identity, bias, White privilege and supremacy, and other constructs that can affect workplace dynamics
  • Identify strategies designed to effectively address difficult conversations
  • Reflect on ways to integrate anti-racism values and core sentiments into the workplace


Contact us and we’ll walk you through the details of our customized programming to determine the right solution for your business.