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Diverse, Inclusive Healthcare Teams

We'll Lead your Healthcare Organization Through your DEI Journey.

The US is facing a health equity crisis, with underrepresented populations bearing a disproportionate burden of health problems. Beyond all the social determinants of health that drive these disparities, a lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in healthcare also hinders health outcomes.

People of color remain disproportionately represented in many health professions, as a George Washington University study and other research shows. And while the education pipeline is slowly bringing a more diverse group of professionals to the field, they’re still severely underrepresented in medical schools and other programs.

Without a culture that supports and embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, healthcare organizations will struggle to serve a diverse population and drive better clinical outcomes for all patients.

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Elevated Diversity is Built to Solve DEI Challenges in Healthcare.

We recognize the unique obstacles the healthcare industry faces in developing a more diverse, inclusive culture—from organizational structures that aren’t built to support the key tenets of DEI, to competing priorities, limited funding and other resources, or a lack of opportunities for underrepresented groups to share their voice and feel they’re heard. It’s also difficult for leaders to view their own policies, practices, and procedures through the lens of equity and justice.

Elevated Diversity is uniquely qualified to help you overcome those hurdles and fully embed DEI into the fabric of your culture—transforming your work environment and driving improved engagement, productivity, and profitability.

Our Experienced, Knowledgeable Healthcare DEI Strategies will:

Lead you through your unique DEI journey—from where you are today, to where you need to be tomorrow
Help create and sustain a culture that embraces and supports each individual and provides the psychological safety they need to do their best work
Equip you to unlock the gains of a more diverse, inclusive culture—improving innovation, empowering collaboration, building trust, and supporting your goal of driving better outcomes

8 of 10

health professions have very low Black, Latino, and Native American representation
(George Washington University study)


percentage of medical school students are Black women
(New England Journal of Medicine)


of lead authors across the top two medical journals are Hispanic
(Journal of Racial and Ethnic Disparities)

We Turn DEI Strategies into Actions that Generate Results.

The Elevated Diversity healthcare team leverages our proprietary, proven SPHERE framework to help create and sustain a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging by breaking down barriers, creating awareness, and building trust.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey designed to achieve the interrelated goals of creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture and equipping your teams to care for patients of different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles—all to support better health outcomes.

Our Healthcare Strategists will Help your Organization:

Icon1Recognize the value a more diverse, inclusive workforce can bring—to employees, their patients and other stakeholders they serve, and the organization’s bottom line

2 iconDemonstrate the connection between a culture that respects and includes people of all backgrounds and an organization that delivers better patient outcomes

3 iconUnderstand how and why health disparities occur and how proven best practices can create a culture that’s best equipped to improve health equity

4 iconAttract, retain, and engage a diverse, inclusive workforce that’s inspired to do their best and most productive work

5 iconEffect long-term, sustainable change that permeates your culture, making a powerful business impact

Explore Our Healthcare DEI Solutions.

Every healthcare organization’s path forward is unique, but most engagements leverage the full scope of our DEI solutions, including initiatives like these.

Evaluating readiness and industry benchmarking helps identify DEI gaps and opportunities. Creating a strategic plan delivers sustained gains through transparency and inclusive collaboration, aligning with business objectives while better serving diverse patient needs.

Creating leadership development and retention strategies that build a diverse talent pipeline, for patient-facing roles and other key positions.

Leading education and training programs that build shared knowledge and understanding of critical DEI topics, for both clinical and administrative teams.

Providing support for inclusive recruiting of clinicians and other roles, from developing job listings to optimizing recruiting channels and empowering equitable candidate selection through enhanced processes.

Creating a strategic plan that defines your path forward, fully aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Building the organizational structure needed for your DEI journey to thrive and take root.

Developing more inclusive onboarding processes, policies, and procedures, setting up new hires for a more effective start.

Boosting employee engagement through mentoring and sponsorship programs, DEI councils, and employee resource groups (ERGs).

Elevated Diversity Knows Healthcare.

Our healthcare strategists bring decades of experience in healthcare leadership roles, across the full spectrum of settings—from major health systems and healthcare nonprofits to hospice and homecare agencies and private practices. Our team boasts:

  • A Certified Trainer for Radical Inclusion™ (The Winters Group)
  • A Certified Patient Experience Professional (The Patient Experience Institute)
  • A Columbia University adjunct professor
  • Specialists who’ve completed the Prosci Change Management Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program (World Diversity Leadership Institute) and the Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer for Healthcare Professions (Harvard Medical School)

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