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The Importance of Fostering Diversity Training

Diversity in business has never been more critical. It’s why Elevated Diversity exists and why we remain focused on helping organizations create workplaces rich in inclusion and belonging. Diversity training is at the heart of everything we do. To fully appreciate why it’s so important, it’s vital to understand the benefits of fostering diversity training in 2022. A great place to start is with a quick look at the numbers.

Fostering Diversity Training by the Numbers

Businesses and other organizations benefit when diversity, equity, and inclusion are embraced. By promoting inclusion and belonging, they’re more likely to outperform their competitors. It’s something that’s reflected in employee and financial performance, as well as in terms of innovation.

35-Percent Increase in Financial Return Likelihood

By and large, businesses fostering diversity training are the top performers in their industries. According to McKinsey & Company, companies in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity are upwards of one-third more likely to outperform their competitors.

The global management consulting firm’s figures suggest that, across the board, such organizations have a 35 percent higher likelihood of having financial returns above and beyond their national industry medians.

2.3 Times Greater Overall Financial Performance

Another study, this time by Deloitte, shows similarly impressive results from fostering diversity training in the workplace. Figures from Bersin by Deloitte show that diverse and inclusive companies have 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee over a three-year period on average.

Bersin by Deloitte delivers research-based strategies designed to help business leaders promote exceptional performance among their workforces. Their findings on the importance of diversity training were a stand-out aspect of the professional services network’s report titled, ‘High-Impact Talent Management: The New Talent Management Maturity Model.’

Six-Fold Increase in Pioneering Innovation

Another McKinsey & Company report found even more impressive results regarding increased innovation.

The firm reported that fostering diversity training resulted in a reckoned six-fold boost in progressive, innovative, and pioneering approaches. That’s versus competitors not employing this training or facilitating it as a part of other internal business practices.

Elsewhere, and back in 2018, Great Place to Work surveyed almost 80,000 people and came to the same conclusion. In this instance, diversity training was found to help promote the same six-times increased likelihood of innovation. The same survey also revealed that companies with a strong focus on culture, inclusion, and belonging reported staff being:

  • Six times more likely to recruit friends to a company
  • Five times more likely to commit to long-term employment
  • Two times more likely to work on highly productive teams

Fostering Diversity Training Process

So, the benefits are clear. But where to start? When it comes to diversity training, at Elevated Diversity, we provide end-to-end solutions designed for maximized returns. Created specifically for organizations committed to seeking impact and making actual change, it’s a lineup of solutions that centers around fostering diversity training.

Quick-Start Diversity Training Programs

With our diversity and inclusion quick-start programs, businesses and other organizations can provide their teams with highly engaging and effective diversity training. This is delivered in a proven and incredibly efficient format designed to address unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, and anti-racism.

We present our quick-start approach in 90-minute and more intensive half-day formats. With that, it’s perfect for fostering diversity training in any environment. Quick-start training is available on a virtual or on-site basis.

360-Degree Elevated Consulting Services

At the same time, we also offer comprehensive 360-degree elevated consulting services. By elevating training efforts within an organization, teams across the board can tangibly benefit from solutions that engage diverse talent. The same solutions also help build inclusive leaders and cultivate bold, collaborative, and innovative workplaces.

At Elevated Diversity, we know that impact happens when training is fostered, strengthening bonds in the process. Through this and related initiatives such as benchmarking, mentorship, and talent recruiting programs, performance is significantly bolstered, all thanks in no small part to fostering diversity training.

Diversity Training Programs for Healthcare

This isn’t just important in mainstream business. With our diversity and inclusion education and training programs designed specifically for the healthcare sector, Elevated Diversity provides teams with a uniquely focused approach to fostering diversity training within the medical field.

As with Elevated Diversity’s quick-start training, separate programs for healthcare are presented on the same 90-minute and half-day bases, on-site or virtually.

Elevate for Her: Women’s Programs

Elevated Diversity is immensely proud to offer Elevate for Her. Elevate for Her is a series of programming designed specifically for women. These programs range from leadership development to negotiation techniques and represent an ideal fit for organizations focused on fostering diversity training.

A crucial part of diversity training in any environment, our women’s programs explore the unique experiences, nuances, and perspectives that women bring to the workplace. The result? A professional environment that’s proven to be more effective, innovative, and profitable.

Education, Keynotes, and Speaker Series

And last but by no means least, the Elevated Diversity education, keynotes, and speaker series. At Elevated Diversity, we believe that the fastest way to drive real change is by arming any team with knowledge. By making teams more aware, comfortable, empathetic, and knowledgeable on all inclusion topics and measures, fostering diversity training is made as easy as possible. As a result, the genuine impact is put squarely within reach from the outset.

Get Started with Elevated Diversity

From quick-start inclusion programs to arranging hugely valuable keynotes, Elevated Diversity is on hand to help with all facets of diversity training. Are you looking for a proactive partner to help kick-start a new initiative that encourages inclusivity in the workplace? If so, let’s take this journey together. Contact Elevated Diversity today to learn more.