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The E-Gaming industry, a rapidly growing and evolving sector, is undergoing a transformation in its workforce composition and user demographics. While the gender diversity among industry employees aligns with national averages, issues persist, particularly at senior levels.

Furthermore, the representation of women and individuals from underrepresented ethnic groups (UEGs) in the industry does not reflect the diversity seen among gamers. This report explores the current state of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the E-Gaming industry, focusing on gender and ethnicity among industry employees, gamers, and characters in games.

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Elevated Diversity is the Ideal DEI Partner

The Elevated Diversity team knows that gaming companies are trying to create a diverse, inclusive culture. Data indicates that the gaming industry workforce is more diverse than the U.S. workforce as a whole. But there are still strides to be made. From underrepresentation of women in leadership, to lack of diversity in game protagonists, there are barriers to be overcome.   


A trusted DEI partner, like Elevated Diversity, can help. We’re uniquely equipped to address the challenges you’re facing head-on by embedding the tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very DNA of your culture.   

Our experienced strategists employ proven best practices and apply their deep subject matter expertise to:  

Lead your gaming company along your unique DEI pathmeeting you wherever you are today and helping you get where you need to be tomorrow.

Partner with you to build and sustain a culture that provides every employee with the support and the psychological safety to do their best work .

Enable you to realize all the bottom-line benefits of a diverse, inclusive culture—from bringing more innovative technology products and services to market, to fostering greater collaboration and operating more productively.


percentage of main characters in games that are females of non-white ethnicities.

(Diamond Lobby)


percent of Activision Blizzard King’s (ABK) US-based, full-time employees are men.

(Activision Blizzard)


of gaming industry employees are minorities.

(American Gaming Association)

Our Proven Processes Generate DEI Results.

We recognize the value of using proven processes to drive stronger results. Our proprietary SPHERE of Connectivity framework not only helps create and sustain a culture that’s more diverse, equitable, and inclusive; it also allows you to do this important work in sprints and phases, taking an iterative approach that keeps your progressing toward your goals.

Our DEI strategists will leverage this proven framework, together with their tech industry experience, to help your organization:

Icon1Recognize the tangible value of a more diverse, inclusive workforce—for your employees, customers, and suppliers, and for your company’s bottom line.

2 iconUnderstand how to deliver technology products and services that solve the unique needs of your entire customer base.

3 iconAdopt intentional approaches and processes that attract and retain more diverse talent, building a workforce that’s more inspired, engaged, and productive.

4 iconDrive organizational transformation towards a more equitable workplace that’s embedded and sustainable, so you can out-innovate and outperform your competition.

Explore Our Technology DEI Solutions.

We recognize that every gaming company is at a different place in their DEI journey. But most leverage our full scope of solutions, employing a 360-degree approach to embedding DEI principles into every aspect of the business. That approach typically involves initiatives like these.

Conducting assessments on your culture and organizational readiness for change, then benchmarking against your peers within and outside technology

Establishing the company’s mission, vision, and values, ensuring the DEI strategy can take hold and thrive

Defining your path forward by developing a strategic plan for your DEI initiatives, aligned with your business goals

Positioning your tech company to sustain an equitable, inclusive culture long term, through improved communication strategies, connection, and collaboration

Reviewing HR practices, policies, and procedures, to eliminate unintentional bias and exclusion

Strengthening your leadership team through recruitment, development and retention strategies that create and sustain greater diversity at the top

Attracting a more diverse candidate pool across all levels by rethinking your traditional recruitment channels and processes

Equipping your team with the tools to select candidates more equitably, including more effective interview questions and candidate scoring models

Elevated Diversity Knows the Gaming Industry.

Our team of DEI strategists comprises individuals with extensive experience in e-gaming companies, allowing us to grasp the unique dynamics of your industry and the specific hurdles in fostering a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone can truly belong and thrive.

Our experienced team boasts:

  • A Certified Trainer for Radical Inclusion™ (The Winters Group)
  • A Columbia University adjunct professor
  • Specialists who’ve completed the Prosci Change Management Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program (World Diversity Leadership Institute)

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