How to Authentically Create an Anti-Racist Workplace

Strategic DEI Training Programs

Learn to create an “anti-racism” workplace where employees feel respected & engaged; for improved communications, collaboration and performance.

Let's Talk About Anti-Racism Training

Session Covers:

Learn how historical events, ideologies, and social structures impact today's beliefs, biases, and perceptions

Analyze concepts of racial identity, bias, White privilege and supremacy, and other constructs that can affect workplace dynamics

Identify strategies designed to effectively address difficult conversations

Reflect on ways to integrate anti-racism values and core sentiments into the workplace

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Understanding the Language of DEI
There is considerable misunderstanding in today’s workplace regarding DEI related terminology and language usage. From pronouns to racial descriptions (Latina vs. Latinx, Black or African American, gay or queer), our need for greater understanding of this space has grown significantly over the last few years.
Learn More About Understanding the Language of DEI
Self-Awareness in the Workplace & Beyond
Understanding unconscious bias requires a sense of awareness of workplace dynamics as well as one’s own perspectives and views. By learning strategies designed to mitigate bias, leaders and employees can foster more productive teams, more effective leadership, and more inclusive cultures.
Learn More About Self-Awareness in the Workplace & Beyond
Understanding Inclusive Leadership
Explore today's most critical insights on inclusive leadership and learn strategies for creating collaborative teams which achieve optimal business outcomes.
Learn More About Understanding Inclusive Leadership
Inclusive Recruiting
Inclusive recruitment is a core skill for human resources professionals as well as hiring managers; from resume review to candidate onboarding.
Learn More About Inclusive Recruiting
On Being an Ally
Allyship is the practice of using one’s position of power or privilege to support and uplift others for the greater good. Understanding the do’s and the don’ts — are all part of the allyship journey.
Learn More About Being an Ally
Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: Managing Difficult Conversations
Being able to effectively manage difficult conversations is a critical business skill - especially when those conversations may involve matters related to race, gender, or ethnicity. With changing workplace demographics, the ability to effectively discuss matters once considered taboo in the work environment will continue to become more prevalent, commonplace, and necessary.
Learn More About Managing Difficult Conversations
Inclusion for All: Recognizing the Differently-Abled in the Workplace
If your organization does not have a tangible and actionable strategy to address disability inclusion, you could be excluding over 20% of American adults.
Learn More About Recognizing the Differently-Abled in the Workplace
Disability Awareness
Unsure where to begin with disability hiring, awareness, and/or support? We can be your starting point! All of our course offerings are available for individual sessions or topics can be combined for powerful day(s) of training.
Learn More About Disability Awareness
Effective ERG Leaders/Leadership
ERG leaders possess the power to inspire ERG member engagement while also driving real business impact. The ability to effectively manage and realize both - takes a thorough understanding of the ERGs role within the organization, effective and inclusive leadership skills, and a solid overarching strategy.
Learn More About Effective ERG Leadership
Effective ERG Executive Sponsors
The effectiveness of an ERG Executive Sponsor can greatly impact the success or lack thereof for an ERG. But many Executive Sponsors share that they don’t know how much to lead or if they should simply provide guidance when asked.
Learn More About Effective ERG Executive Sponsors
Recognizing & Handling Microaggressions in the Workplace
Understanding what microaggressions are and how they are manifested in the workplace is the first step in mitigating damage to the organizational culture and team dynamics.
Learn More AbouT Microaggressions in the Workplace
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